Make knowledge Free is a socially networked platform created to engage and network interested teachers/experts and students besides others who want to share knowledge in one common platform , using simple lucid technology and simple effective modules which make knowledge sharing simple and easy while also allowing such members to come out of the class and relax a bit extending the network and knowing about each other outside the classes within the network ,


We basically engage in 5 step model,


(1)Experts Register

 Experts who want to share their knowledge become a part of the network and load courses in fields of their expertise.

They can create pages , courses and send invites to interested participants/students The experts we vision can be from fields of medicine , engineering , science, technology and other domains


(2)Students Register 

Students can surf through the courses and decide the ones in which they want to further engage and study.


They can enroll for the courses. Doing so they can then browse the course content /classes , or page set up by the instructor and read the associated blogs, peruse the chapters loaded by the instructors/admins ,download notes (pdf/ppt/xlsx/jpg /videos etc etc etc )


(3)Courses /Groups/Question and Answer Sessions


There shall be course/page/group modules where registered enrolled participants can ask related queries and engage with the course instructor/expert 

(4) Networking outside the class

The idea here is to network all the interested participants and the course /page expert in a single platform where they can discuss ,socially engage and share knowledge If the teacher is willing then he/she can even share watsapp so that the interested participants can take it outside networking to the real world


Example - Say it is a doctor setting up a page on cardiology, then the interested participants can send his EGG report If it is a finance expert , a interested participant can send his tax return If it is a maths expert conducting classes , students can send numericals If it is a developer conducting coding classes , students can send code queries


The possibilities are endless and we want to simulate the platform which helps the experts/teachers from various domains and the student's/participants community meet ,network and engage in intellectually simulating discussions which go beyond theory and has high practical applications The idea here is to have classes which will really promote skill development in different domains and can make participants develop such skills which help them practically in the current marketplace and actually help them also appreciate and deeply understand any subject from close quarters!


In short the 4  structure model can be summarized as


(1) Experts and students register


(2) Experts conduct classes and create courses and send invites


(3) Interested students enroll , study the course and engage in question answer


(4) Both students and teacher network and become friends for life


Knowledge becomes free and students develop valuable skill sets which makes him/her market ready !


What we vision -



More than design etc  , i created my site with utility in focus .  I care a fuck about creating a site which looks real real good ..i am here to create a site where purpose is solved rather than it looking appealing  ----where students can actually learn english , where patients can actually consult doctors and get solutions , students can connect to teachers and understand stuff --we don't care whether we have the best flash effect that means shit to me What i care is whether or not my site makes it super simple for the student to network engage etc with the instructor or other people he wants to network Whether my site helps him/her develop skills which he deems are important without spending any money ( because knowledge cannot be sold )



Design to me is not importtant  ,but yes  i want to make hearts happy by having people  queries solved by dedicated network of expert's 



Shortly you will see team of the best international doctors , professors , web developers from different countries joining in my mission and helping you guys!



Make the most of it !None of them will charge a penny !But yes ,  enjoy but with discipline!










Amlan Dutta - Founder