Case AQ - Can I add up TDS credit  under same TAN nos?




Case AQ - HI Amlan, My question was, Can I add up Different certificate nos under same TAN nos, so that max entries will be restricted., as max 10 entries are allowed in Correcting Tax mismatch section. ( Rectification request) Kindly guide




Solution -@Naiks , yes you can and infact you should !


Let me give you a example ...say my employer BHEL deducts TDS under his TAN number MUMB1416P 100rs , 200 Rs and 300 Rs then your question is whether you can avail in tax return tax credit of 600 Rs as a single entry against TAN MUMB1416P rather than showing it against different entries of 100 , 200 , and 300 Rs ......



The answer is yes , you can and infact if you see any of my live tutorials ., i always take consolidated credit only against common TAN rather than split up entries !There is no problem and think of it logically ! When you do consolidated also , what you are meaning to say is that you have so much credit available against a certain TAN which is true !



Note ,This will only not work when the TAN's themselves are that case you cannot combine the TDS and logically so because there are different deductors involved in that case ! 



For example , BHEL with TAN number MUMB1416P 100rs , 200 Rs and 300 RsReliance with TAN number MUMB1511X deducts 300,100.400 RsYou will in this case show consolidated entries separately for BHEL and reliance I.e for BHEL with TAN number MUMB1416P , you will claim consolidated credit of 600 RS and for Reliance with TAN number MUMB1511X you will take consolidated credit of 800 RS separately !



You cannot under BHEL TAN number MUMB1416P take credit of both 700 and 800 Rs ...what this would effectively mean is that BHEL utilising it's TAN registration has deducted TAx at source from your salary 1500 Rs which is not right ( because it has just collected 700 ) and it is reliance that has collected balance 800 ....


That is why you will mention TAN separately for their respective consolidated TDS entries !Hope that is clear !Again i request to please avoid linked comments and post comments directly on YT channel in comment section which allows me to post answers in question answer like thread and easier for other viewers to understand and benefit from other people's queries !


Cheers !


Amlan Dutta 


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