Case AQ - How to file rectification request for tax credit mismatch for combing TDS credit under single TAN?

By - Pratap


Hi Amlan , I forgot to mention one Employers' TAN while filing tax ( I had 2 employers). I got tax mismatch intimation. What should I do. I went to a tax consultant, they are calculating the tax from scratch one and irritating me. 26AS has the right credit which needs to be paid by me. My only mistake was that I forgot to mention first employers TAN . How should I deal with it. should I file rectification of file a fresh tax return?


Solution - By Amlan Dutta



+Pratap Singh Jeyaraman , just file a rectification for tax credit mismatch is very simple and should not take you more than 5 minutes to do ..


.here see this tutorial to see the entire thing live -


In the tax credit tab that opens up , this time round please avail tax credit for deducted TDS for separate employers separately  ( and don't combine them under one TAN )


I have solved hundred cases like this !



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Amlan Dutta