Case AQ - How to correct return which was uploaded without paying self assessment tax ?

By - Santosh Bharat



Hi Amlan ,Great video .Appreciate the quality videos you are doing for the it returns for the past few years which will be very useful for the people while they efile.Thank You. I have a small query about the way i efiled the it returns this year .I had to pay some self assessment tax and without paying it online i had efiled it .So my question is , can i now pay the tax online and take that challan or details include it with efile form that i need to send to bangalore also including the letter saying to them that i paid tax .Would they accept it and will not send the defective notice?


Thanks in advance for answering.


By - Amlan Dutta


+Santosh Bharat , you can simply revise the return(Under section 139(5) claiming credit of the paid self assessment taxes in Challan 280 exactly like you would in a original tax return As long as you revise it early much before the return is processed , there is absolutely no issue and no question of receiving a defective notice !I am supposed to make a tutorial on this as well shortly (maybe in the next 25 minutes )!

(Note , if one receives a defective notice however before filing the revision , then the return can no longer be revised and must be rather cured and the curing is done under section section 139(9)Again the same thing i.e you fill the return taking credit of self ass