How to deal with one sided Friendship and Love


One sided love and friendship  is really hard situation, and if one does not deal with it, he or she may go into depression, so first one must understand that love and friendship doesnt mean dating, outing or watching movies, it also mean to care for someone directly or indirectly selflessly.

If you love someone that doesnt mean that person should always  be with you, if he or she is happy without you and is leading a happy life with someone else than you should be happy in their happiness, after all you also  want that person always to be happy.

True love and friendship are without any expectation and if you are expecting something in return that means you are selfish and true love  is not outside its within and is called self less love and  friendship .

People suffering from pain of one sided love should spent time with their family and friends, should involve in their favourite hobby, watch comedy movie and most important thing see those people who dont have food, no house to live and  some are not physically fit, still they are living their life  without any complaint, than one can feel that their pain is nothing infront of there problems, So help needy people, by solving the problems of such people, your pain will automatically dissapear.

So one sided friendship and love not always makes you emotionally weak, but from it you can learn new lessons and may rise as a strong and mature person.


Only our parents are there who always support us, whatever we do, so for that one person dont neglect your parents, because without parents blessings no one live happy.