Using belated section 139(4), you cannot since time period is over ...However, you may request for condonation of  delay of filing if geuine hardship was there ..... The condonation process is not online and has to be done through paper application to CIT under section 119(2)(b)... go and meet him if possible through representation or assesse himself ...Once condonation approved, return filed using section 119(2)(b) shall be processed by the assessing officer 


Now, to give some background , the section 119(2)(b) offer's relief to taxpayer in terms of filing but with permission 


Section 119 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 is about to Instructions to subordinate authorities providing measures for the purpose of efficient management of the Revenue and give relief from undue hardship to the assessee.


Section 119(2)(b) provides that CBDT for avoiding genuine hardship authorize income tax authority to admit an belated application or claim for any deduction, exemption, refund or any other relief even after the expiry of the period specified under the Act for making such claim or application.


However, note no Condonation for claim of refund or loss shall be entertained beyond six years from the end of the assessment year for which application or claim is made. The limit of six years is uniform for all authorities considering the application or claim.


Eg:- Suppose , belated period of filing is over and someone could not submit return due to genuine hardship and has excess TDS interest credit ( from banks) for which he seeks refund , he can use this section to his benefit 


In this case assesse has genuine hardship so he will apply for condonation request to principal commissioner /CIT( since value is less than 10 lakhs) ....He will also use offline utility and select section 119(2)(b) to file this return ...once condonation request is accepted , the filed return shall be processed by the assessing officer Not immediately , but i may make shortly tutorial for this subject