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Sagar Chawla
Hi Amlan,

I am your subscriber on youtube. Have one query
I received notice from Income Tax regarding adjustment u/s 143(1)(a). They are asking for FD interest rates that i haven't included in "Income from Other sources" while filing ITR. I have gone through Form 26 where i can see that bank has already deducted tax for the complete amount(13000) that is 10%(1300)

Now, Through your videos, I got to know that i need to declare that amount in Income from other sources. This is one thing i need to do.
What other things needs to be done?
1. Do i need to select 'Revised' in Return filed page?
2. Do i need to add any details in Tax details tab in Sch TDS 2 section?
3. If answer for 2 is yes, then do i need to enter tax deducted as 1300.
4. If answer for 3 is yes, then my tax calculation remains the same. Its just that i have included the amount in Income from other sources.

Would be great if you can reply to my questions.

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