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Sir,My mother purchased a new home last year and for a half year I was paying rent to her under old home and I started paying rent on the new property. She has income from 2 house property.I have 2 questions- Should she file ITR1 or ITR2? As she has income from 2 house property.- She sold her old ho...
Ritesh Chaudhari

Hello Sir,
First I want to say Thank you very much for helping us.

I am salaried person (taxable Income more than 10 Lacs).
I have two home in Pune, one is self occupied where second is rented.
There is no home loan available against rented property and home loan available against self occupied pr...

What amount is required to be filled in Letable value?

I bought the house on Dec 28, 2017 and the Tenants were already occupied for rent. I only continued the rent of rs 5000/Month with them with rent agreement starting from Dec.
My doubt is, What amount needs to be filled in for this Assessment year?...