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Dear Amlan vai,
I watched your youtube video tutorial and find that your family keep money in bank fd and tds is deducted huge in every year.Can you tell me is there any benefit(after consider inflation rate) they will get after deducted tds in every year .Personally I want ...
Ujjwal Kundu

Category : 80TTA - .., Interest..,
Bank deduct TDS on savings account interest.
My total savings account interest in fy2018-19 was 26780 and bank deduct 2680 as TDS which reflect in my 26as u/s 194a.
My question, is savings account interest fall u/s194a?
Can I claim deduction u/s 80tta?
(As far as my knowledge concerned, bank can't d...
Umakanta Saboot

Thank you very much Amlaan ji for ur kind support. I have attached here our previous chat screen shot. Continuation to that- Regarding ur response: (AY2017_18 Though I’m nt agreed with d entire demanded amount but I have paid the demand recently and willing for the refund of my extra tds deducted...
Umakanta Saboot

Dear Mr Amlaan,
After receiving 3 times email intimation from cpc u/s 143(1) I got an income tax demand notice u/s245 in July'18 for AY 2017_18. I missed last year to show my income from other source which is gained from interest accumulated on my old pf account of prev company. The interest is depos...