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dear amlan, i have a query regarding advance office is deducting tds every month.i have income from other souce also which i show it myself only.would like to ask you if approximate my income is rs 865000 after deduction how do i calculate advance tax,i know till june 15th it is 15%, sept 15 ...
Ashish Kumar Das

Dear Mr. Dutta,
In the month of December'2018 I have received my salary for last three years in arrears which is approximately Rs. 60,000,00/- (Sixty Lakhs). However, my employer did not make any TDS for this amount. I plan to file form 10E to claim relief. But my question is whether I need to pay a...

Hello Mr Amlan, would like to know if i miss out date of December 15, 2018 advance tax, can i pay advance tax after 15th december.
Pooja Gupta

Hi Amlan! Saw your work on Youtube and Facebook today about making Knowledge free and am really impressed with your endeavours.

Could you please help in below case as we are not able to get any relevant information online or offline. Even Govt of India's income tax website doesn't give requisite inf...