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Saiyeda Mohiyul Ain

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Hello sir
I have only fd interest income that is less taxable income of 250000(individual). I was charged just 14/- tax by bank ..but my concern i correct in saying it's not mandatory to file if income is less like above..but if i do so(not bothered about refund 14/-)...will it be non complia...
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Saiyeda Mohiyul Ain
Even I don't says for 143 /-, 14/-tax deducted ..there were 2 sections under same bank... 1)details of tax deducted at source and above 2) details of tax deducted at source for 15g...their it's 63000 and 0 tax..
I don't know the reason why tax was deducted as form 15g was given.. so I am s...
Saiyeda Mohiyul Ain
Hello..?pls do reply whenever possible..