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Syed Akram

Hi Amlan, as we have talked before, I am an affiliate marketer and get the commission, whenever software is sold through me and I can't get the benefit of 44AD.
Since the time I read that, if a doctor is running a hospital and hiring some more doctors, then that hospital would be considered as a bus...
Syed Akram

There is a website, software developers list their softwares on that, I advertise the software through SEO and ads, when a sale occurs developer gets like 40% and the other 60% collected by, they take their own cut, after a month they give me my earnings, 50% of the sale, does...
Sunil Sahoo

My wife coaches students after completing her education. Will her income be treated as income from profession? If so, which is the code to use under section 44ADA or 44AD?

Hi Amlan, I'm a freelance video editor earning through Upwork. My gross receipts for the current financial year is Rs 12 lac. Should I file income tax under ITR 4 presumptive tax 44ADA? If not, under which category, I should file my tax? Are there are any deductions (like ppf, term fd) under 44ADA? ...