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Syed Akram

Hi Amlan, as we have talked before, I am an affiliate marketer and get the commission, whenever software is sold through me and I can't get the benefit of 44AD.
Since the time I read that, if a doctor is running a hospital and hiring some more doctors, then that hospital would be considered as a bus...

How should any cashback, on any expense be treated, while preparing your balance sheet? Ex: cashback which comes into your paytm wallet.Should it be adjusted in drawings in capital a/c or in cash in hand under balance sheet or as income ??
If income under which head?

i file itr 4 (44ad) in last 2 year FY 2015 - 2016 and 2016 to 2017 INCOME FROM capital gains as business income THIS YEAR i have only long term capital gain on shares all income Exemptions under section 10(38) on Long-Term Capital Gains ..and there is no other income such as Professional Income,...

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Hallo Amlan, thanks for the knowledge you are sharing for the common people.I myself file my return and your videos helped me a lot.
This year I have income from salary, have STCG, a very little profit of Rs 746 from intraday equity trading and a loss of Rs 1360 from commodity futures trading. My tu...