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Dilip dwivedi

Two month ago that my fifteen government salaried friends got self assessment demand notices u/s 234b/234c for arrear interest from CPC..where his 10e already considered...
1-Please make a video for such cases...
2-Please tell us steps on tax sites that he accept demands?
Dilip dwivedi

Hi amlan.sir
Good evening...
My friend is a salaried person and he got a notice u/s 234b and 234 c rs.5120 because he got some income of FY 2015-16 in 2017-18 ...his 10e considered by CPC and he already pay tax on problem is..
1-what he do when he is disagree with demond..??
2-what option h...
Vishal lakhani

Sir I am in bsf and in the year 2017 I got posted from 110 bn bsf to CSWT bsf indore due to which in FY 2017 -18 I have got two employers i did not get any form 16 from 110 bn however my form 26 as shows Rs 440018.00 paid credited and tax deducted an d deposited Rs 500.00 subsequently cswt indore pa...
Sonali Verma


I wanted to know what happens if we miss to see the "Communication of proposed adjustment" received last year.
I have now checked that my ITR of last year hasn't been processed till date.
Is there any possibility I can address it now.