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sagar patel

sir i have received pension with Arrears so Arrears is Taxable or not and where i have need to show in income tax return

In ITR 1 in excel for AY 2019 20, my salary is 3.5 lakhs, in part 1 (ii), allowance under section 10 (it asks me to fill details but i didn't receive any allowance to show), what do i fill ? Standard deduction of Rs 40,000 is automatic???
Syed Shaied

Sir, can i show arrear and bonus income in itr 1, if yes then which head it will fit, if no then where to show? I got arrear for the FY 17-18 in FY 18-19.

Hi Amlan, Thank you for making knowledge genuinely free through the work you have put in over the years.

My query is, I have received 2 Copies of PART A (Form16) from my company as they had changed their entity/ PAN/ TAN. Q1 is separate while Q2+Q3+Q4 are together and only one PART B is available. H...