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Hello Sir,
Can we claim FD interest along with saving interest Deduction for Senior Citizens under Section 80TTB ? Or only saving bank account and post office saving interests deduction allowed under this section? Please explain

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Hi Amlan,

For the section 80DDB, where for a specific critical disease (as described by IT), can you please let me know if a certificate from the specialist with all details and proof of expenses incurred in the treatment is all what we need to claim? Do we require form 10(I) additionally filled by t...
Ujjwal Kundu

Bank deduct TDS on savings account interest.
My total savings account interest in fy2018-19 was 26780 and bank deduct 2680 as TDS which reflect in my 26as u/s 194a.
My question, is savings account interest fall u/s194a?
Can I claim deduction u/s 80tta?
(As far as my knowledge concerned, bank can't d...
Avinash Kumar Singh

I am a govt employee. My 80c investment is 120000, nps contribution is 60000 and nps employer contribution is 60000. For claiming deduction in 80ccd(1b) we should invest further or claim 60000 or 30000 i.e exausted amount of 80c