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Sunil Sahoo

For FY 2018 19, I paid LIC policy annual premium on 12th April 2019 i.e after 31st March 2019 ...can i claim benefit of 80 C for such policy premium payment for FY 2018 19 return (AY 2019 20)
Sunil Sahoo

I have paid LIC premium of 12390 Rs 10,250 is the policy price and GST paid was GST (CGST 945 ) , SGST (945), so total of 12390 Rs ...can i claim benefit of 12390 Rs under 80 C .....
Shashikant Singh

Hello Sir,
I am a state govt. servant. I want to know under whuch head GIS has to be added. GIS (Group Insurance Scheme) of Rs. 400/- monthly is deducted from my salary by emoloyer.


I am working in a nationalised bank. In my form 16,part B, this NPS Contribution mentioned under section 9.A.(c) & 9.B.(b) , as you can see from screenshot,that my 80ccd(1) contribution in section 9.A(c) is shown as Rs 75117, and 80ccd(1B) deduction is Rs 36325 . and deduction under 80ccd2(empl...