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Sir please make one video on what is preventive health checkup under 80-D section in income tax?
Thanks in advance.
Mahesh S

Dear sir,

I'm a Senior citizen and have taken Health Insurance for self(Senior citizen) and wife but it does not include domiciliary treatment and because of that I get only claim amount only if admitted to hospital. So basically I pay from my pocket for taking regular medicines for BP, Sugar on mont...
milap chand

i am govt.employee,my wife delivery done in january 2019 threw lscs operation in private hospital,there i spent 40000rs. which i didn't reimburse.but my question is can i get rebate in 80 D -where b point shows- medical expenditure for my wife delivery and medicines charges.
Samir Mehta

Hi Amlan,

This is regarding deductions under 80D claim for a senior citizen, is it possible to claim for balance amount for medical knee surgery in spite of having a health insurance, received cash less claim and want to check on claim for balance expense occurred, for example total expense was 2.40 ...