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Ujjwal Kundu

Dear Amlan sir,
GST के साथ deduction लु या सिर्फ बेसिक premium.?
Example ..
Total premium=15287
Basic premium (12955)+GST(2333)
80D में rebate 12955 या 15287?

Dear Mr.Amlan, Can you please let me know if my husband can claim 80D benefit for the medical insurance taken for my parents (his in laws) . They are both senior citizens and also I am not employed currently. I was working until September 2017 and I did not claim this benefit for myself since my hus...

Medical insurance premium deducted by my employer from salary which is mentioned in payslip as 'insurance' but not in Form 16. Can i show in my return.

Dear Amlan
Recently I have noticed that in ITR-1 , u/s 80 D is divided into 3 parts out of which premium and preventive health checkup part I know about it. But I have no idea about medical expenditure part. Means condition, limit etc. would you please give a little bit knowledge about it. thanking y...