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Dear Amlan, I want to know about
1. how can i save income tax upto 7lacs /annum??

2.Below 4 lacs income ,Paying income tax or Create a new LIC policy ,which is better and why??

Gob bless u for this noble service. I have FD and savings interest on two different banks but it is not shown in my 26 AS , is it necessary to show on ITR1, if it is less than 10000 and gross salary is more than Rs. 300000, from where can I get it. If u have any tutorial on it please give me the...

hello sir,
greetings of the day,

I seek to know where shall we fill the amount of "tax paid by employer" i.e professional tax as been reflected in form 16 while filing ITR 2 ? i am filing it through excel utility

Thanks in advance

If a person retire in middle of year say in May 2017 , how to fill the Income tax form for Salary + Pension i.e. for two with Salary and rest of 10 months with Pension. Please explain.