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Hi Amlan,
Thanks for the super helpful videos! Wanted some clarifications.

a. Based on what's you've mentioned already, if I've given my rent receipts to my employer, and I have HRA allowance in Form 16, then I cannot and should not fill 80GG. Correct?

b. While declaring exempt income (under Taxes ...
Srinivas Thotakuri

Sir, how to show HRA.whether it is to be deducted from salary head in ITR1. What about IR and special pay

Hello Sir.
First of all thanks a lot for guiding the people.

Sir, My query is regrading HRA exemption
I received HRA 47994 , Annual salary (Basic + DA) =556772

HRA exemption under 10(13A) least of the following,
(i)Actual HRA received 47994

(ii)40% of salary(Basic and DA)...

Hi Amlan, before I Proceed with my Question I'd like to personally thank you for doing a great job by providing the Knowledge for Free and you're doing a great service.

My Simple Question is
What value of HRA Exemption is taken into consideration. In other words is it "The SUM of HRA Exemption of ...