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Prashant Goyal

Hi Amlan,
I am a salaried person with some interest income from bank FDs. For FY 2017-2018 while filing my tax returns I made an error in the TAN of bank, consequently income tax dept did not recognize any interest income and refunded me the tax i had paid on this interest income. In good faith i re...


I received 143 intimation and rectified it but i made some mistake in that so i revised ITR u/s 139(5) and e-verified
but later on I checked my original Return processed but revised ITR is still showing "Return uploaded, pending for ITR-V/ E-Verification"

after 1 day i checked status Original ...
Avin Rai

Sir, my aunty had filed her ITR for bank FD. But she didn't get the full credit. According to 26AS TDS is RS 5614 but after the file got processed it shows only Rs 4,315, Difference of Rs 1299. How to rectify it, sir?
I had attached the screenshots.

Sir i only filed my Uncle ITR this yes, (Previously another CA was doing this )

From that ITR i got refund of 1,600/- , but in that original return the bank-account number was wrong , So i sent a request (by seeing your video) to change my Bank account number what ...