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Satyabir Singh

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I have booked an apartment worth 85L and paid 10% only of the total value. The sale agreement is still pending. Do i need to pay TDS(26 QB) before sale agreement or have to wait for agreement? Do i need to pay TDS on total apartment value or only on 10% amount paid? Also, I am an NRI, does it mak...
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Amlan Dutta
Be it NRI or Resident indian , the tax implications are similar while buying property from RESIDENT INDIAN SELLER ...Here, since the value is over 50 lakhs , TDS provisions under section 194 IA shall get attracted and you are required to deduct 1 % TDS and pay balance to the seller ...for 1 % TDS y...
1% of 850000 is 8500 not 85000. He will have to pay 850000-8500 = 841500 and not 765000.