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Hi Amalan,
First i need to thank you..With the help of your videos , i have been filing my ITR for last 5 years by myself .

however, this is year i would need your help.
1) till now i been using ITR1
2) this year i had to mention Long Term Capital gain of Rs 45,000 . i was told to use ITR2 .
Shyam Balachandran

Hi Amlan,
I own shares of my company which is not listed in India. I have filed ITR-2 for the previous 2 years where I have declared my holdings in schedule FA. Last Financial year I sold some shares after holding them for 3 years. Can you help me calculate the tax payable with the on the profit afte...

After 12 month if i redeem all equity basis sip then will it be call long term capital gain ? if yes then can i show the profit amount to the column of 10(38) long term capital gain ?

Or will i show it using "any other" field of exempt income reporting section of ITR 1 as shown in one of your vid...
Gaurav gupta

Sir ltcg income after 3 year is 20000 in equity mutual fund this is non taxable exempt income show in itr1 my people say fill itr2