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Hello sir, if one reinvest the interest received from fixed deposit again and again, will the interest received be shown in other source of income?
Saiyeda Mohiyul Ain

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  • Hello Amlan sir,
    Post office interest income(accrued) is not shown in 26AS at all. So Is it not needed to mention in ITR as it will be a mismatch in that case.
    Suppose in 26AS it says from all bank FDs a person earns 15000/- ...we need to mention the exact amount in ITR as well isn't it?...neither m...
    Shashank Yadav

    Dear Sir

    I have a query that

    On FD interest bank deduct 10% TDS so is it necessary to show FD interest in irt at "income from other sources".

    Sir can I file itr without showing FD interest at "income from other sources" and without claiming TDS which is deducted on Fd interest.
    Because bank has alr...
    Samir Mehta

    Hi Amlan, this is regarding declaring interest income in which FY? interest on NCD (Tata NCD), as the interest will be credited from date of allotment (allotment date - 27/09/2018) and not on pro-rata basis in march end, please suggest in which FY whether 2019-20 or in 2018-19 interests to be declar...