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Please guide me how will i pass entries for grandfathering LTCG loss in books of accounts (If i have account in icicidirect). I have some shares more than one year holding ...I am in profit when i consider actual cost price but when i grandfather the cost , i arrive at a loss i.e i have share ...

Hello Amlan - I understand LTCG upto 1L p.a is exempted. So if I have,
LTCG from stocks - 90k (Before 31/01/18)
LTCG from equity MF - 30k (Before 31/01/18)
How should I file this in ITR2? Only Fyi, My Residential status will be NRI.
Jitendra B

LTCG on Equity MF and Listed Shares should be shown absolute or Indexed gains?
Anshul Gupta

Hello Amlan,

I have one query please advice.
I am salaried individual and have long term capital gain in stocks which is exempted. I would like to know which ITR form do I need to file and where do I need to show the income from long term capital gain from stocks which is exempted.
Details of LTCG :