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Hi Amlan,
For Maturity proceeds of ULIP which I need to show under exempted income I would like to know if we should show the complete sum received at maturity OR sum received minus total premium paid. Here I look at premium paid as an investment versus an expense. I have seen your video and as pe...
Om prakash kalla

Hello Amlan sir....I took an SBI ULIP insurance after march 2012...and in Dec 2017 I surrendered my policy .... after 5 years completed + premium was = 10% of sum I am full filling all condition of non taxable surrender value.....but they deducted 1% TDS when I got money in my account....

I took LIC Wealth plus T.No 801 (ULIP based) 1,92,000 - single premium paid on march 2010 Sum assured 250000 I have other policies that cover RS 1,00,000 for the year 2009-2010 under section 80C
I didn't claim Rs 1,92,000 under 80C in 2009-2010. It is a tax paid amount.
I got Rs 255000 on august 201...