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Hi Amalan, Any help with regards to SBI telegraphic rates . Need to fill in A3 Table of FA ? Can we use RBI reference rates Instead.

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Hi Amlan,

I've below questions:

I'm working in a IT company in Pune. The company is headquatered in USA.

1. My parents get covered under my company's medical insurance. I have to pay INR 4000/year for that. I had to get done Angiography for my father who is 73 years old. The insurance company didn't c...
Saptarshi Kundu

I work in a MNC, and currently at Canada. My tax residency is Canada for the FY18-19, and while filling the ITR2 for the FY18-19 I got confused on where to show my Foreign Income from Salary. I believe it should be declared under EI (Exempted Income) - however not sure where exactly I need to show m...
Sachin hissaria

Hi Amalan, hope you doing well and keep up the great work

I am working in TCS and stayed in US from 31 Jan 2016 to 22nd Jan 2019. As per rule it seems I am resident of India.
So do I have to pay tax in India for the amount earned in US . And in India whole year tax was deducted though I wasn't getting...