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Ujjwal Kundu

Bank deduct TDS on savings account interest.
My total savings account interest in fy2018-19 was 26780 and bank deduct 2680 as TDS which reflect in my 26as u/s 194a.
My question, is savings account interest fall u/s194a?
Can I claim deduction u/s 80tta?
(As far as my knowledge concerned, bank can't d...
Deepjit Nandi

sir, can any one avail benefits of deduction U/s 80TTA for ICICI sweep account for the AY 2019-20 ?
Ujjwal Kundu

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Dear sir
My FD interest is 8000 and my SB account interest is 7000;
Does bank deduct TDS as total interest income is 8000 + 7000 = 15000 ?
Jitendra B

I have received notice u/s 143(1) with a demand raised because the CPC denied the Sec 80TTA deduction. A demand was raised under menu eFile. I had entered exact 10000 in Sec 80TTA in AY 17-18.

1) I have Disagreed with the demand with suitable explanation of missing 80TTA deduction
2) Under Rectifica...