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Hi Amlan, Thank you for making knowledge genuinely free through the work you have put in over the years.

My query is, I have received 2 Copies of PART A (Form16) from my company as they had changed their entity/ PAN/ TAN. Q1 is separate while Q2+Q3+Q4 are together and only one PART B is available. H...
Sanjib Basak

I have received two Form 16 for FY 17-18. 1st Form 16 is received form one Company (Salary paid from Apr'17 to Jun'17) and 2nd Form 16 is received from another Company (Salary paid from Jul'17 to Mar'18). I have filing ITR1 for FY 17-18. Can I show for this matter for ITR1? Any special treatment ...

I m having 2 form 16, one is April to may 17, another one is may 17 to March 18. Can you please explain me how to do e-filling . Sir..

Could you please tell me I worked in a private company for 7 months and in a public sector for 5 months should I calculatey salary separately for 7 months and only 5 months