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Dear Amlan,
I m govt employee in my 26as TDs schedule (salary head) reflecting blank even TAN, total amount paid credited all r showing blank,while the entries of TDS schedule other than salary is well reflecting.As I have not paid any tax during FY 2019-20 with a view to see my income and slab.Now i...
Ujjwal Kundu

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  • Hello Amlan sir
    I'm govt salaried, tax liability is nil, today I've resistered my PAN in e-filing Portal. My 26 as does not showing my deducter and TAN of deducter as I'm first time going to efile. My question is that, is it mandatory to fill sch TDS-1 in 'tax details' tab?

    Amlan sir I m filing itr for my father assement year 2018 19 when I entered the details form 16 and 26 as showing that tax deduction is 9081 ...But, in ITR when i check, it prefills with 6043 Rs plz solve my problem I'm sending copy of form 16