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Ashutosh Kumar

My mother is a house wife and after death of my father,my mother received family pension of about 230000 annually.sir,how to fill itr regarding family pension there is 2 section first pension section second second income from other source, whether I should fill pension section or fill income from ot...
Abhishek Hajare

Hi Amlan,

My mother receives a family pension, this year she received my deceased fathers pension(pension was not paid when my father was alive it got delayed.). so this year that amount paid to my mother after deducting TDS.
Now my mother will file my fathers ITR(for my fathers pension amount rece...
Subhasis Sarkar

I want to know that every Salary and Pension Holder have the Standard Deduction of Rs.40,000/- or any specify category for this deduction. If the Pension Holder received the Pension of her Died Husband, In this case is the pension holder can take the standard deduction of Rs. 40,000/-.

Thank Y...

if i use pension tab in itr1 for fillig family pension,,Can i get notice from IT department???