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Gobinda Kundu

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  • Hello Sir,

    I worked in a PSU Bank from 19.09.2016 to 31.03.2018. However, in reality I worked from joining to 31.10.2016. At other times I was at home on leave without pay. Evidently, for the FY 2017-18 I did not earn a single paise from the bank. Now, in my new job which I joined in August, 2018 w...
    sagar patel

    Category : How to t.., TDS Retu..,
    sir i have filed TDS Return for the month of April to June-2019 and pay TDS challan on last month but i forget to pay interest and i received mail from department to pay TDS interest and after i have paid interest Challan so now i have need to refile (correction ) TDS return filing ? what is proces...
    Sharad Kad

    Dear Amlan sir,

    I have fill my income tax return assessment year 2018-19, but I have a mistake in TDS Sheet. I was fill TDS Deducter Tan wrongly now I get a demand notice, How I face it I am confuse please help....
    Roopali Lalwani


    I failed to submit the investment proofs to my employer before their deadline. I want to understand how should I claim the 80C deductions while filing the returns? We use form 16 to fill ITR and in this case, 80C investment in my form 16 will be 0.

    While filling the ITR, do I just enter 1,50,000 ...