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Arun Kurrey

Dear Amlan Sir,
My father retired on 30 April 2018. He got Salary of Apr-18 i.e Rs 1,48,491 and got pension from May-18 to Mar-19 i.e 16,989 Per Month, so total Rs 186879 in this AY 2019-20. Income From Other Sources stood at 2,91,369,
in this case, how much Standard deduction will be applicable. A...

Dear Amlan...a new ITR 1 form for AY 2019-20 which is available on income tax website. there are couple of queries in the you are aware that for this ay there is a standard deduction of rs 40000/- , fyi in this new form there is a column of exempt income for reporting purpose only...last...
Sunil Sahoo

My father retired from retired from a bank on November 11th, 2018. His gratuity amount is approximately 22 Lakh rupees. His employer said that tax exemption on the gratuity is only up to Rs 10 lakh and has added 12 lakhs rs to taxable income. Is this correct
Devendra Kumar Chauhan

pl clarify standard deductions