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Pratip Ghosh

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Hi Amlan,

I saw one of you Youtube videos . It was very contextual to me. However, I have some questions.

One of my LIC Jeevan Anand policy matured this year. It was an yearly premium policy and unfortunately, I was paying close to 25000/- which was more.....
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Amlan Dutta
Just let me know the exact figures for annual premium , sum assured and the date policy has been put in place ...Typically LIC "Jeevan Anand" is a traditional endowment plan offering tax benefit under 80 C and maturity under 10(10D), however the followIng conditions should be met, ...
Pratip Ghosh
Annual premium - 24,080.00
Sum assured - 1,00,000.00
Commencement date - 28/11/2012

It was an annual payment policy. Let me know what should I do please.