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Ritesh Chaudhari

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Hello Sir ,
I have 2 flat in Pune one is self occupied and second is rented. There is no join co owner for both flat.
I have Home loan on self occupied property but no loan on rented property.
Because of that I need to pay huge tax(30 %) on rented income.

Can I show rented income on my wife's's IT...

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Sir,My mother purchased a new home last year and for a half year I was paying rent to her under old home and I started paying rent on the new property. She has income from 2 house property.I have 2 questions- Should she file ITR1 or ITR2? As she has income from 2 house property.- She sold her old ho...
aruns25 interest and principal amount of top up for home loan is deductible under sec 24 and 80c?
Ujjwal Kundu

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Dear Amlan sir,
I'm govt.salaried, disabled (60%). I filed my itr1 using annual salary statement sheet where I've claim exemption u/s 10 by Rs 4800 and dedication of Rs 75000 u/s 80u and submitted and e-verified the ITR.
Now I come to know that in form 16(provided by employer) Rs 75000 shown as HBL ...