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Hi Amlan Sir,

As checked, my tds was start deducted from Sept 17 after getting an increment. So in 26 as the salary paid/credited is 214438 (which is from sept month) instead of Total gross 448072 as per form 16 and my income chargeable under head salary is 366105 after calculating. so what shoul...
Manish Gupta

My TDS credit appears same in form 16 and 26 as , but there is a mismatch in salary income? Basically, the salary in the form 26AS show 583070 while in the form 16 it is 612550, but the TDS is same on both. What should i be doing?


While submitting ITR1 I am getting error: Since the amount disclosed in Income chargeable under the Head Salaries is less than 90% of Salary reported in TDS1,please ensure to fill details in Others in Exempt Income.In Efiling wesbsite sch TDS1 tab there is column called Income chargeable under...
Suman Mandal

Dear sir
In my itr 1 under tds1 section (income chargeable under salaries ) the amount wrongly updated by ADI office. i did not correct that . submitted the itr. but i inserted correct amount in gross total income column . will there be any problem ?