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Sumit Hedaoo

Category : 80EE Eli..,
Under construction homeloan.
my house cost is around 65lacs and my loan value is also more than 40Lacs.
and this loan is joint home loan with my wife.
can we both take the benefit of 80EE deduction?
means if we both took the loan, so the value of house and loan will be 50% on both?
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Hello sumit refer following Conditions to be Met for Claiming Deduction 80ee
This is the 1st house you have purchased
Value of this house is Rs 50 lakhs or less
Loan taken for this house is Rs 35 lakhs or less
Loan has been sanctioned by a Financial Institution or a Housing Finance Company
Loan has bee...
Amlan Dutta
As ayush explains, for claiming 80 EE benefit, value of this house should be Rs 50 lakhs or less
and loan taken for the house must be Rs 35 lakhs or less. Since your house value is more than 50 lakhs i.e 60 lakhs and loan is more than 35 lakhs i.e 40 lakhs, you clearly are not eligible for 80 benefi...

Category : 80EE Eli..,
Hello Amlan,
For the 80EE we say the value should not be more than 50 lakhs and loan amount as 35 lakhs.
I have taken 35 lakhs loan and it sanctioned in November 2016 .
How do we calculate the value of the property ?What is the criteria to calculate that ?
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The sale deed is there for the plot purchased. That is for around 10 lakhs and the construction was done separately by the builder for which the loan was taken. I am not sure about the sale deed for the house constructed.
this was constructed by us and how the sale deed comes into picture as this was not sold to us by anyone . but at the same time we have taken the loan for the house construction only.