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Arpan Saha

Dear Amlan Sir
I get dividend from SBI equity hybrid fund quarterly..My question is whether it is taxable or not?And in which section I have to show it in ITR??
Sheetal R. Jalamkar

Hello sir
I received notice u/s 209 of IT Act. Because I have sold immovable property during the financial year 2018-19
And that time I was received payment after deduction of TDS. my problem is that how can I calculate capital gain...?

Please guide me how will i pass entries for grandfathering LTCG loss in books of accounts (If i have account in icicidirect). I have some shares more than one year holding ...I am in profit when i consider actual cost price but when i grandfather the cost , i arrive at a loss i.e i have share ...
D Bilimoria


Please review the link referring to share buybacks, which appeared in the Chartered Accountant Magazine December 2018.

My question resulting from the above ( due to inadequate understanding)

I do not qualify '' as a sma...