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Hi Amlan Sir

Thanks for all your videos in helping and educating us, I have a query in filling the Long term capital gains on debt funds.
1. Downloaded CAMS capital gain statement and the statement is showing long term gains without indexation, Can i consider LTCG with indexation to lower my tax or...
Ankit Gupta

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  • ITR 2
  • Taxability of Futures and Options
  • LTCG on stocks
  • STCG on Stocks
  • Hello Amlan Sir,

    I have to file ITR2 where I need to show the capital gain's which I have earned via trading in Intraday, F&O also need to show LTCG

    can you please let me know if you have created any video on this so I can follow that and try filing the return my self ?

    thanks in anticipation

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    Hello Amlan Sir

    request you to kindly make a video on how to fill Section 112A in ITR Utility. If we redeemed a SIP which we invested for 5 years do we need to fill 60 Rows in Section 112A. Also please explain the concept of grandfathering.
    Due to grandfathering my tax on CG is zero. Do I still need t...
    Ritesh Chaudhari

    Hello sir , Do you have any Video on declare foreign ESOPS in ITR2