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My mother purchased a new home last year and for a half year I was paying rent to her under old home and I started paying rent on the new property. She has income from 2 house property.
I have 2 questions
- Should she file ITR1 or ITR2? As she has income from 2 house property.
- She sold her old ho...
Sandeep Roy

Hi Amlan,

I am an NRI and I would like to know about my tax liability from short-term capital gains from sale of equity shares. I have a short-term capital gain of Rs. 60000. My broker deducted Rs. 9000 as TDS (26AS). I have no other income. While calculating tax on ITR 2 form it shows I have to pay...
Jitendra B

Please confirm if the Delisted Shares lying in demat account are to be declared in ITR2 under Unlisted Shares category?

Hello Sir,

I am filing ITR 2 and have sold foreign company stocks(ESOP) last FY. We declare those in Schedule FA. However, I am not sure where do I declare the Capital Gains from it. I do not see an option stating Capital Gain from unlisted share in schedule Capital Gain. Can you please let me know?