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Sir my mother has received land compensation approx 2000000 from acquisition of land in Haryana but they have also deducted income 200000. Is it a exempt income and how can I fill this ITR??

Dear Sir, very thankful for your support in IT queries. As I am salaried employee, so far I was filling ITR-1 with the help of your videos. This FY 2018-19 I sold some shares... (Stranger in this field....) and got some LTCG & STCG. Filling ITR-2 is being difficult in understanding some sentences ...

Dear Sir,I had an ancestral agricultural land whose purchase value is not know because the old land is coming from Dada-Parada, it is in my name. On August 28, 2018, I sold it for 611700.00. Sir now tell me how to calculate the capital gains ???
Soumik Dutta

My mother, aged 65 years, received compensation in PY 2018-19 from West Bengal govt for compulsory acquisition of land in 1976 following a Supreme court verdict. Wanted to know if same is exempt income as per Sec 96 of RFCTLARR Act.
Thanks in advance.