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Satya Prasad Sahu

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PPF Withdrawal and tax implications: Had an EPF account from Dec 2011. EPF was with EPFO regional office. I joined another company("B") in Aug 2014 which has Trust. I did not transfer the EPF to Trust. So my UAN account displays 2 PF accounts. From Company-B, I came on deputation to USA for project ...
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Category : Taxabili..,

I worked in a government job for around 35 years and retired last year. I have received a lumpsum amount from my GPF(General Provident Fund) and I need to declare it in my IT Returns. I see that there are three categories of PF under section 10
Statuatory PF,
Recognized PF,
Unrecognized PF.

Could you...
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Amlan Dutta
You have to get it checked from your company finance officer would be either statutory or recognised PF ..........Statutory Fund is mainly meant for Government/University/Educational Institutes (affiliated to university) employees ..As far as recognised PF goes , this scheme is ap...