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Hi Amlan,
Helping my sibling whose tax return was tagged defective. My query is with regard to withdrawal of EPF before 5 years. He submitted ITR1 and put all taxable EPF income as income from other source due to which there was mismatch with 26AS income received. Some facts - 80C benefit was not ...

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Hi Amlan,
I am not in employment since February 2018 till today (28th June 2019). I have not completed 5 years of continuous service. I submitted PF Claim (via and have received refund of the entire PF (employer and employee) this June 2019 amounting to Rs.4.25 lakh...
Jalda Srinivas Rao

I have resigned the job before 5 years and withdrawn my PF amount (1 lakh plus) by submitting 15G/15H. Whether I need to show the amount in ITR. If yes where I need to show. I have seen your video but in that you did not mention the withdrawal of PF after resigning. Please clarify.

Hi Amlan,

We chatted few days back on this topic.
My doubt is;
1) While filing ITR if I put Employer and Employee contribution of PF under Salary and interest from both in Income from other sources, would that be right?
2) 26AS is not available as I haven't submitted PAN while withdrawing PF. I ca....