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Avin Rai

Sir, if someone is getting salary and TDS has been deducted from his salary and he is also having Bank FD. But as he has submitted 15G form, so no TDS has been deducted in FD interest. So, do i need to mention about the FD income source in other source while filing the ITR-1.

Dear Sir,

My wife earns about 15000.00 per month by way of interest on lending to others. Which ITR form should she use to show this income. Besides this interest, she also has interest on FDs from banks. In some cases the borrowers pay interest along with some portion of principal as in case of EMI ...
Shruti Yadav

Hi Amlan Sir,

Great site.

Can you make one more video about this query below please? And please teach and show on the video how to file ITR or pay any taxes if applicable.

note: my income tax slab bracket is less than thresold Rs.2,50,000 / non taxable. I do not have any other income other than t...

Should we need to pay advance tax despite TDS deduction for winning from lotteries ?
Tax liability has increased showing surcharge interest penalty etc though having 17.55 lacs TDS deducted @ 30% on 58.5 lacs . Now 2.5 lacs amounted to pay in extra,
Previous year tax liability less than 10000
Any way ...