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Avin Rai

Hi sir! I have a doubt about the tax demand which my father got.
Actually, my father got a tax demand of Rs 19,220 for AY 2011-12, but according to the 26AS Rs 6000 TDS has been deducted at that time but that amount has not been added in the demand. The correct amount should be 19220-6000=13220. I ha...

Please observe the screenshot. Intimation under 143(1) reflects that i am supposed to get refund. Do i have to pay any tax now?
Maqsood M

I have received Form 143(1) and i have not found and discrepancies. IT is agreed for the ITR which i filed. Does it require any action from my side.

I have received income tax demand Notice u/S 143(1)..I have submitted e-filing returns after due date with Late Fee Rs.1000 U/S 234F..But I entered it mistakenly as Self assessment tax (Minor head 300) in the challan instead of Tax on Regular assessment (Minor head 400)..So, it didn't consider as L...