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Abhilash Rajan

I have received intimation 143 (1) for AY 18-19. All entries match until column number 15 (Interest payable column) where there amounts mentioned. Also, TCS amount that is available in 26 as has not been considered for which I will file the rectification request but I am confused about the amounts m...

Sir i recieved notice from income tax dept 143 (1). How to treat this sir
Avin Rai

Sir, I have asked you this question earlier but I am not clear fully with your answer and a little bit confused. I am asking you the question again with all detail as because earlier I had not shared the problem in detail. *** My uncle filed his Tax return of last year (i.e A.Y 2...
Avin Rai

Intimation u/s 143(1)a
Sir, my uncle filed his tax return last year by himself i.e AY 2017-18. But while filing he didn't mention the detail of the Bank FD interest. And later he received an Intimation u/s 143(1)a, and intimation mentioned about that bank FD interest. As he is an aged person and doe...