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Ujjwal Kundu

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Dear Amlan sir, I've mistakenly put much annual gross income 29 lakh in place of 290000 in my ITR 1. Now my ITR is processed and a letter(notice-143(1) has reached with 7 lakh demanding. I'm now scared very much. Please help me and advice me how to deal with this.Thanks, Ujjwal Kundu
Dalip singh

Hello sir
I have filed a return of my uncle last year. In this ITR refund of amount around Rs. 6000 but got a Demand under section 143(1)a of amount Rs. 15470 of financial year 2010-11. We wanted to adjust this demand by refund amount. After the adjustment demand of around Rs. 9440 is left and we h...

Please observe the screenshot. Intimation under 143(1) reflects that i am supposed to get refund. Do i have to pay any tax now?
Maqsood M

I have received Form 143(1) and i have not found and discrepancies. IT is agreed for the ITR which i filed. Does it require any action from my side.