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Sir is it mandatory for everyone to file an ITR who have a pan card or else he has to pay the penalty. Because I am a mobile mechanic and earn a very small amount. Do I need to file itr and which one?
Himanshu sainthiya

Hello sir,
plz tell me,
(1) the only farmer which have an earning 5-10 lac only by agriculture. should fill the itr or not. most of the person even CA says to no need of filling the ITR.
(2) what is the rule in AY-2018-19 of agriculture income? if one person has come in tax slab, the agriculture i...

hello sir
suppose i filled return this year for claming tds refund but in next year i do not want to fill return because i am submitting 15 g so whether i shall received notice from it department for not not filling return

Income shall be below threshold below limit

Hello sir I have recently started doing job (1-2 yrs) and as of now my salary is more than 2.5 lpa but considering HRA, PF and others my TDS is zero , For me nothing will be shown in 26AS as tax is not deducted , DO i need to submit ITR ?