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I am subscriber of ur youtube channel and all of your videos are extremely helpful.Thanks Amlan sir for creating such helpful and practical videos.

With reference to intimation U/S 143(1) (tax credit mismatch) While responding to outstanding tax demand I choose " Demand is not correct but re...
Prashant Goyal

Hi Amlan,
I am a salaried person with some interest income from bank FDs. For FY 2017-2018 while filing my tax returns I made an error in the TAN of bank, consequently income tax dept did not recognize any interest income and refunded me the tax i had paid on this interest income. In good faith i re...
Joel MS

Hi Amlan,

Income tax department has been incorrectly claiming the following two things
1)There is inconsistency between salary income - Rs 1,08,000
2)There is inconsistency between Other Source income - Rs 12,805

I claimed (my house rent ) HRA Exemption in my ITR2 for Rs 1,08,000. This amount wa...


I received 143 intimation and rectified it but i made some mistake in that so i revised ITR u/s 139(5) and e-verified
but later on I checked my original Return processed but revised ITR is still showing "Return uploaded, pending for ITR-V/ E-Verification"

after 1 day i checked status Original ...