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HI Amlan,
I got a intimation 143(1) which show differences in TDS reported and computed under 143(1). I checked that i can see tax credit mismatch for one of the bank's TDS. The value I reported indeed matches correctly to the value in 26AS. I watched your videos on the topic and i...

Sir, Editing as per your suggestion:
As per 26AS i can see tax credit of 2,21,751. Also this can be seen in form-16. But in the intimation letter all these amount is not being taken care. I wish to do a rectification but when i am trying to do so the amount 2,21,751 can be prefilled in imcometax por...
Mahendrakumar Kolhe

Hi Amlan

I filed ITR 2 (AY 2018-109) for income from salary + two house properties + FD income.
As per INTIMATION U/S 143(1) its showing Tax demand of rs 980. But If we see TDS AY 2018-19 the TDS from state bank of India showed wrongly calculated under tax credit available. I have attached ...


In the Income Tax Dept. website, there is an option to view the Tax Credit Mismatch (My Account >> Tax Credit Mismatch). I did that and found out that HDFC Bank TDS CLAIM AMOUNT is 1,00,000 whereas AMOUNT AVAILABLE IN 26AS is 90,000.

On downloading 26AS (My Account >> View Form 26AS (Tax Credit))...