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Nitin Verma

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I have received "Notice u/s 139(9)of Income Tax Act, 1961"
for ITR2, stating:

"As per Rule 37BA of the Income Tax Rules, 1962, read with Section 199 of the Income Tax Act, 1961, credit of tax deducted at source shall be given for the assessment
year for which such income is assessable.
As seen from...

Wrongly entered the BSR code for advance tax in challan payment. How should I go on about changing it? As I filled the correct challan number tax credit is available in 26AS so I should not be worried that much but just for sake of filling the correct information, I want to correct it. Please help.
Om prakash

Hi sir,
ITR 1 AY 2016-17 -return processed. And got refund but I forgot during the file of return in INCOME HEAD-HOUSING to rectify.if revised xml is to be loaded what to mention in return filed under sec, column & return original or revised columns, because return is to be corrected so that...
avinash chander

ITR 1 A Y 2018-19 -return processed.did not get refund due to wrong mentioning of TAN in TDS schedule, -->submitted rectification request sent under transaction id: 6474845897 but not -->submitted refund reissue on the same day. but now refund reissue can not submitted due to this remark "" No refun...