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Moulik Reddy

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Hello Amlan,
Firstly thanks for sharing knowledge on this platform as well you-tube.

Q.1 My brother doing PhD & he earns stipend Rs 4,00,000 per yearly.
(a). Is this stipend is taxable or not ??
(b). If so, which ITR should he file ? ITR -2 ??
(c). where he need to enter t...
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Amlan Dutta
This is one of the disputed areas of tax ...The act under 10(16) specifies very clearly that only scholarship granted to meet the cost of education’ is exempt from Income Tax under the section 10(16). whether the Research(PHd) stipend( fellowship falls under the definition of scholarship
Amlan Dutta
1.) Tax filing for individuals is voluntary for any years when the gross total income i.e income without giving rise to deductions ) is below threshold levels but note individual wont be able to claim any TDS refund if he doesn't file return so even in cases when individual gross income is below t...