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Hi myself Devesh Gupta,
We are buying some machinery from China.
I want to verify the HSN code provided by them. can you please suggest a way where I can do this?

I work in A govt organization and under a manpower supply contract payments of Rs. 19,00,000/- and Rs. 10,00,000/- were made to an agency on december and february, 2019 respectively and as per the new provisions of GST TDS applicable from October, 2018 every govt. Agency making payment of Rs. 25...

We are supplier of Goods and our turnover in previous year was Rs. 12 crore. My question is " We are required to Pay GST on advance receipt" ?
Syed Akram

Hi Amlan, Having another question regarding the GST. Is it mandatory to register for the GST even if the income is below 40 lacs. The service providing is advertising and marketing (Affiliate Marketing). All the companies which I work for are outside of India!Thanks!