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1] I have submitted ITR form but I have to pay tax. Where can I pay post submission of ITR form? I checked with CHALLAN NO./ITNS 280 but that does not allow me to consider payment for FY2018-19. is this correct url for individ...
Samir Mehta

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  • Hi Amlan, first let me thank you for your valuable feed back, thanks. I have few more queries related to ITR filing, please find below;
    1.I assume ITR filing date has been extended to August 31st, is it for ITR-2 filing
    2.Which ITR form to use for a student studing in USA, left on August 9th 2018 - to...

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    Hi Amlan,
    Thanks for replying to my post earlier regarding which ITR to filed while I worked 6 months as Employee and 6 months as Technical Consultant for FY 18-19(AY 19-20). You told to file ITR4.
    I have a foreign account in US in which i got my last Salary in Feb 2018...FY 18-19 (AY 19-20) I have b...
    Chetan Yewale

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    Hi Amlan,I have some income earned from UK. In Aug 2018, I returned back to India. I then transferred my earnings over there back to India in my savings account here. I have paid the taxes in the UK.Then from September 2018 - my salary income in India started.Please let me know if1. I need to disclo...